Training course on quality assurance in malaria diagnosis

The World Health Organization Western Pacific Region (WPRO / WHO) organized a training course on quality assurance in testing for malaria parasites from 15th to 25th October 2018 at the Institute of Malaria - Parasitology - Entomology in Quy Nhon. The content of the training course includes orientation and updating the quality assurance of malaria parasite for the staff of the Institute of Malaria - Parasitology – Entomology.

Speakers of this training course are 2 experts from WPRO / WHO. Ph.D. Glenda Gonzales and Arlene Leah Santiago are experts in the field of testing malaria parasite, leukemia in the Western Pacific region.

In the period of 10 days, 15 participants were trained on processes and skills: Cross-checking process (standard malaria test procedure, how to complete forms..., monitoring and supporting microscopic points, communication skills, presentation skills and providing feedback to prepare for monitoring (group discussions, OTSS exercises, visiting labs in the field) , using and preservation of microscopes, observing the shape of blood cells, malaria parasites, malaria cycle, and counting the density of malaria parasites.

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