1. Define objectives

- Identify correctly the objectives and content of the research, follow closely the practical problems and urgent requirements on protection strategy, improvement of people’s health.

- Participate in scientific research and the topics/international projects on the diseases transmitted by vector and parasitic diseases.

- Organize periodical scientific activities, seminars for provinces in the area, international and national conferences to update information and research emerging issues appropriate to the situation in the country, region and world.

Presenting the planning and developing the Institute project to 2020 and vision to 2030 in Ministry of Health

Presenting the consolidation and organization of the Institute project in the Ministry of Health

Presenting worm prevention project in Southern provinces – Lam Dong in the Ministry of Health

2. Orientation of scientific research, technological development.

- The scope: Research in the field (local, research spot in the field) and laboratory of the Institute for the task of directing the prevention of parasitic diseases and diseases transmitted by insects in the area.

- Basic research, application research, strategy research on parasitic diseases, diseases transmitted by insects include:

+ Epidemiology, research characteristics, dengue fever, tropical diseases transmitted by vectors, parasitic diseases and effective control measures as a basic for developing prevention plans in accordance with each stage. To study the molecular epidemiology of the disease in order to clarify the mechanism of transmission and reason of outbreaks. To develop the system of controlling diseases transmitted by vector, monitoring and forecasting system timely and applying effectively disease management software.

+ The diagnostic techniques, clinical, parasitic disease treatment, drugs

  • Clinical research and treatment of tropical diseases in the area: malaria, dengue fever, Ricketsia fever, helminth diseases, fungal diseases, protozoan and tropical diseases transmitted by vector.
  • Study of malaria parasite resistant to drugs in vivo, in vitro, biological test of response-drug assessment in laboratory (Bio assay); application of rapid diagnostic test (RTD) in the diagnosis of malaria parasites, supervising the effective of drug resistant treatment regime and suggesting malaria treatment regime appropriate with each stage.
  • Research malaria circulation by immune technique and deficiency of G6PD enzyme of the communities living in areas with malaria circulation as a basic for proposing effective treatment.
  • Research and application of PCR technique to distinguish relapse and re-infection of malaria parasites after treatment, determine the type and rate of drug-resistant malaria parasites in the region; study pharmacokinetics of new malaria drugs, drugs for tropical diseases treatment and parasitic diseases.
  • Research and application of modern biomedical technologies in the development and improvement the method of diagnostic test of pathogens quickly and accurately.
  • Research and application of new malaria drugs, evaluate the effectiveness of drugs for tropical diseases treatment and parasitic diseases.

+ Parasite research:

  • Study on epidemiology and preventive measures for small fluke - worm, large fluke - worm and other parasites.
  • Determine the distribution of small fluke - worm, large fluke - worm and other parasites with molecular biology techniques (PCR) have an important role in medicine; immunological studies and specific antigen of parasites to produce KIT test for local.
  • Research on fungal, protozoan parasites diseases from animals capable of transmitting diseases to humans (dog roundworm, barbed worm…), completing the basic survey on the situation of helminth infections in the region and prevention model.

+ Vector transmission:

  • To study the biological characteristics and other factors relating to diseases transmission by Anopheles mosquitoes and some medical insects capable of transmitting dengue, Japanese encephalitis, filariasis, fever transmitted by mites.
  • Research and application of molecular biology techniques, electrophoresis, genetic biology to identify and classify the main vector of transmission, side vector of transmission; determining the geographic distribution of species and medical insects in the perspective of molecular biology.
  • Improve the quality of monitoring system in the area, directing the implementation of insecticides measures effectively and proposing insecticides chemicals suitable to national health program.
  • Apply molecular biology techniques to identify and differentiate pathogens in humans, the mutation and resistance of the pathogen. Application and development of high and advanced technology in-depth studies such as molecular biology techniques, genetic, biochemical immunological ELISA, IFA…, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology.

+ Research effectiveness and safety of chemicals, products of insecticides

+ Study the ecological, economic, social and environmental factors impacting on prevention of parasitic diseases and diseases transmitted by insects.

+ Application of modern information technology, geographic information, the diagnostic techniques in prevention of malaria, dengue and other diseases caused by parasites.

3. Orientation of service activities

- Implementation and providing scientific and technical research service and preventive medicine in accordance with the functions and tasks assigned.

- Medical services, parasites testing and counseling health as required by community

- Testing service, effective testing, the safety of chemicals, products of insecticides. Consulting services on killing mosquito, termites; production and trade of chemicals and products of insecticides.

- Research services and manufacture of helminth diagnostic tests, making trials on assessing the efficacy of malaria drugs, parasitic diseases and diseases causes by vector.

- Implementation of scientific and technical services required by organizations and individuals, transfer, provide service, technique for localities in the management area and other services.

- Training services as required; scientific and technical services with the scope of functions and tasks assigned at the request of the organizations and individuals, transfer and provide service, technique for localities in the management area, organizations and individuals at home and abroad.

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